I had the pleasure of photographing my brother and sister-in-law, Jean & Jill's family!  They are a big crew, and I love them so so much. You would think that I would have had the craziest/hardest time photographing all of 6 these cuties (and their cutie parents too), but they are made to be in front of the camera. Even baby Cora looked at the camera! Jean and Jill have been together since high school, and you can still see how much they are in love with each other. It shows in their amazing kiddos: Gracie, J.P. Lily, Cece (Cecelia), Ella, and Cora. Honestly, they are all so well-behaved and listen so intently...I wish all my photoshoots went so well. Jean and Jill are great parents, and it shows! Thank you so so much for letting me capture these amazing shots. How did I get so lucky!? Love you guys! xoxoxoxox