I had the pleasure of photographing the Conroy family again. I met Mike, Courtney, and Olivia (Liv) a while back, and I had an amazing photo session last year. I was more than excited when Courtney called me with the big news that they were expecting another child, and I was going to have the privilege of capturing their maternity photos. The Conroys are probably the most easy-going family I have ever met, and obviously they photograph amazing.  Not only is the whole family gorgeous and photogenic, which you can see in the these photos, but they are so fun!! Livy was awesome because she was pretending to be the photographer, and she was posing her parents. It was adorable. I think I found my future assistant!! I really can't wait to meet their new little addition too because, no doubt, the baby will be just as amazing! All-in-all, the shoot went great, and I think the photos turned out beautiful—how could they not with this gorgeous family?! I also couldn't decide between Fall or Winter snow....so I put them both in... You decide. :) Thank you so much for letting me capture such great memories, and I hope to capture many more memories with the new little one in the future! :) Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed capturing them!!! Thank you, Courtney, Mike, and Liv!!!