I had the pleasure of photographing the DePaul family. I met the Tina and Anthony at wrestling practice for my son. My son and her son, Dante wrestle together, and I feel honored to have been asked to photograph such a beautiful/beautifully calm family! They are probaby the most easy-going family I have ever met, and obviously they photograph well too.  Not only is the whole family gorgeous and photogenic, which you can see in the these photos, but they are so fun and patient!! They spent the day running around and posing for me, with no complaints. I even made big Anthony truck around...with a bum foot! I felt terrible. They truly are an amazing little family. All-in-all, the shoot went great. Although I may have looked like a crazy lady jumping in circles, I think the photos turned out beautiful—how could they not with this gorgeous family?! Thank you so much for letting me capture such great memories, and I hope to capture many more memories in the future! I know I will be capturing many wrestling matches! :) Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed capturing them!!!