I had the best time capturing Johnny's First Holy Communion photos. I know Johnny's parents, Jaime and John, from high school, and Johnny and my son get to continue on a new friendship by wrestling on the same team. I feel so privileged to be able to be a part of such a great memory. Johnny is such an adorable and handsome young man. He pretended to be timid at first, but then he opened up and was a little ham for the camera. I am used to having to basically stand on my head to get a smile—not in this case! Johnny smiled on cue, and he made it so hard to narrow down my photos (which is why I have about 50 TEASERS)!  Every photo was a keeper! Not only is HE adorable, but Jaime wanted to shoot in Philadelphia in the Cobblestone area...and I was all for it! The change of scenery was a success! Helps that I had beautiful subjects.  Not only was I lucky enough to capture Johnny's communion photos, I got to photograph some sibling pics too! Julian is absolutely adorable, and Gabriella...she is great ...so beautiful and naturally photogenic—THE WHOLE FAMILY! I even made Jaime get in a few, and she is obviously a natural in front of the camera too! I always wonder how I get so lucky to get such gorgeous clients!!! Such a great shoot. Loved every second, and I love these kids!   Thanks so much for letting me capture these memories. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed capturing them!!!