Introducing Juliana Paige! I feel honored to have been asked by Juliana's mommy & daddy to photograph this beautiful angel.  Juliana's mommy is my cousin, and this was also the first time I got to meet this precious gal!  She is too cute for hopefully, these captures demonstrate! I am stepping into some rather large shoes by taking these photos, and I hope that I made Richard, her grandfather, proud. One of Juliana's grandfathers was an amazing photographer, and unfortunately he was not able to take these captures, but I think he was there in spirit. The bowls that she sat in for a few of the shots were made by Richard, so a piece of him is represented. Juliana's shoot went amazingly well. Jennefer & I had a blast posing her in different places, and I really got to know Juliana. Thank you, Jennefer and Nunzio for letting me capture these memories—and thank you, Juliana for being such a great subject!! Enjoy!