I had the pleasure of photographing the Roth family at their family home. Jessica and I cheered together when we were younger. Jessica was always such a sweet girl, and now I can say that her whole family is awesome too! The Roths were patient and very brave! It was ice cold out while taking the outdoor pictures, but each of them put a natural smile on their face and all looked amazing; it helps that they are a gorgeous family!

Mr. & Mrs. Roth have created a great crew!  I felt like family by the time I left. The whole family has a great bond, and you can really see it in these photos. Although I may have looked like a crazy lady jumping in circles for different shoots, I think the photos turned out beautiful! I especially love the photos of the kiddos chomping on their blueberries...and even though little Alex "pretended" to not want to have his picture taken, he was the biggest help keeping his little brother smiling and staying calm while I was getting the other kiddos to look at me! Al of them are little sweethearts!  I want to thank each of them so much for letting me capture such great memories and being so patient with my craziness and the crazy cold weather! I hope you guys enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!