I had the most amazing time getting to know Sarah and Derek at their Engagement session. I met Sarah through her mom, Cindi, who I worked with at DV, and who I absolutely love, by the way.  I feel so privileged to have been asked to photograph Sarah and Derek's wedding. In their package, we set up this getting-to-know-you session, which couldn't have gone any better. We were originally LinVilla Orchards in Pennsylvania for Pumpkin Fest, but that did not turn out so well. It was so unbelievably crowded, we decided to wing it and find a nearby park. We couldn't have found a better spot. We went to Glenn Providence Park, and it was absolutely gorgeous, secluded, and PERFECT. The colors matched their clothes perfect, the sun set in the perfect spot, and it was secluded enough that I could make them make out in every spot I needed them to for a capture. :) LOL. It was great, and getting to know Sarah and Derek through the session was great too. They went right along with my craziness for each pose and shot, and we stayed a lot longer than we expected...but I think it was worth it. I still have many more photos I may edit for fun after, but here are her selections. The shoot went great, and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding. Sarah and Derek are a match made in heaven, and you can truly see it in these photos! I feel honored to have been picked to capture their greatest memories. :) Enjoy!