I had the pleasure of photographing the Kelley family in Cape May at Sunset Beach. I met the Kelleys through Karri, who used to be the vendor for the company where I used to work. I always thought she was hysterical and awesome...and now I can see why. The Kelleys were hysterical and awesome too! From the moment I met them all, they had my laughing! 

It was a gorgeous day, and they are a beautiful family. Great combo!  Ella & John Kelley, Karri's mother & father-in-laws, have created a great crew!  I felt like family by the time I left. The whole family has a great bond, and you can really see it in these photos. Although I may have looked like a crazy lady jumping in circles for different shoots, I think the photos turned out beautiful—how could they not with this famil?! Every one of them are gorgeous! I want to thank each of them so much for letting me capture such great memories and being so patient with my craziness! I hope you guys enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!