Introducing Geneva! I feel honored to have been asked by Geneva's mommy & daddy, Evelyn and Rob, to photograph this tiny sweetie! Geneva was a perfect little angel, and her princess crown was too cute for words. I also loved all of the outfits that Evelyn provided (many were gifts) that we were able to play dress-up with this little gal. Geneva is too adorable, and she stayed sound asleep, even during the tiny thunderstorm.  Geneva's sister, Adelina, was too adorable too. Although she was a little preoccupied for photos, the bribe of candy brought her back with full smiles. :) Geneva is really too cute for words, and it clearly shows how precious in each and every photo. And check out that smirk she gave! She gave quite a few grins! I feel so lucky! Thank you, Evelyn, Rob, and Adelina, for letting me capture these memories—and thank you, Geneva, for being such a great subject!! Enjoy!